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Dating Chronicles - Mr. Confused

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

I met Charlie on MATCH. His profile wasn't a WOW kind of profile, but unlike a lot of men, he took the time to add some things to his profile, has several pics (without dead animals), some with and without hats and glasses, plus he added a few things I could pick up and use in an opening line. a fun fact about me - which will carry through all my encounters - I look for a few interesting tidbits about the person, something in common, something fun - and use that as an opening line. If I get a response in return, I'll exchange a few texts, but then I want to chat on the phone, or better yet, meet in person. I'm not one to expend a lot of effort or energy developing a connection via text, only to find there isn't one on any other level. So...with that, let's continue.

After a few texts, Charlie asked if we could chat (ALWAYS a positive if he asks first). Numbers were exchanged, we agreed to chat the next day, AND, he actually called as we discussed. Another positive.

He told me he was 45, divorced with 2 teenagers and an ex-wife, who he seems friendly with - all good. He works for an international company, and goes to school. Although he's pursuing a degree, he doesn't have any direction once he reaches the end goal. I find that a little odd - he's a little wishy washy - maybe he'll do this or maybe he'll do that. Okay...let's continue.

He's from the South - Mississippi to be exact. He left home years ago and doesn't go back. Doesn't care to. It sounds as if there's some history he doesn't care to be a part of . Family or history in general - I get it. He definitely wants to travel - has never been anywhere - but wants me to travel with him.

I'M SORRY! WHAT?!? How did we get from knowing where his hometown is to my back is packed and I'm headed to the airport?!? RED FLAG!

Also as a side note, I accidentally used my real name on this site, and after thinking about it, decided to leave it as is. So...when he called me by a shortened name, I told him what my name was. He thought is was interesting and I told him how it came about. If you know you know. We laughed about it and he acknowledged it.

Before hanging up, he referred to me by my shortened name, and I reminded him AGAIN what my name was, and he asked if it would be okay for him to shorten it.

I told him no - as my name is my name. I told him I didn't think we were a match and wished him well. As we was balking...I was hanging up. And blocked him. And unmatched with him. And blocked him on the site.

And that was Charlie.

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