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Dating Chronicles - Stand Up Larry

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

When Lawrence and I matched, his first response to my intro indicated he had zoomed in on my feet / toes, in one of my profile pictures - clearly saying, without saying, he had a foot fetish.

After a few texts back and forth, specifically him telling me what he did for a living, I realized I had matched with him several years ago. Nice guy (in texts) then and now, but I remembered why I unmatched then, and should have stuck with it.

He lived and worked between Humble and Galveston, and asked if I was interested in grabbing a drink / dinner. Sure, even though logistically his geographic area was not ideal, if there was a connection, we could figure it out. I told him I would be the League City / Pasadena area in a few days, where would he like to meet.

This 50+ year old man, who works and lives between Humble and Galveston, said "the only restaurant I know is Applebee's". Out of all of the hundreds, dare I say, thousands, of restaurants between here and there, and Applebee's is the only restaurant he knows of. Boy!, don't test me! We're both too old for those games. And that my friends was THE RED FLAG, but no, I proceeded because...well who knows. I made a few suggestions and let him decide which was the best - because he's from that area. He picked a place, and we agreed on the day / time.

The day of I confirmed we were still meeting. Yes. Early afternoon he asked what time I would be there. I told him. And I arrived right on the dot of the time I told him. Texted him I was at the bar. No response. About 20 minutes later, I touched base. No response.

Irritation is starting to creep in.

I overheard the conversation of the two young guys sitting next me and interjected myself into their conversation. They were starting their evening / night celebrating one their birthday's and meeting up with friends later. I told them why I was there, and that after 30 minutes, with no response, it looked like I had been stood up. I told them Mr. TDH had about 2 more sips of my martini to arrive, and then I was out.

I finished my martini and the guys were sweet enough to buy my drink. I told them if Mr. TDH walked in looking confused, to let him know I left. They laughed and said "we'll let him know he missed out and you were well entertained". Loved those young guys!

So I texted Mr. TDH and let him know I had left and it wasn't cool to leave someone hanging like that. I unmatched with him and blocked his number.

A few hours later I get a text from another number telling me I was rude and not understanding, as he had not eaten lunch that day and had had a diabetic episode, which required the ambulance to be called, etc.

Call me heartless, call me uncaring, call me whatever, but if you're 50+ and diabetic, don't you already know what you need to do to take care of yourself? I could clearly see from his profile pictures he's active, healthy, scuba dives, travels, etc - so he knows what is needed to maintain his insulin levels - and not eating is not on the list. He expected me to feel sorry for him, feel guilty, feel something, but honestly all I felt was more annoyed and I blocked that number too.

Hopefully I don't match with him a 3rd time, because he is definitely a walking RED FLAG.

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