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Welcome to Virgo Investigations

Several years ago, when after being married for 15 years, I stepped back into the dating world, and realized how much it had changed during those marriage years. While talking to my friends, who range from 20 - 80 something, I realized we all struggled with gathering information on a potential "match", and had no one source to go to for information as we navigated our own adventure in dating.

Listening to their stories and struggles gave birth to Virgo Investigations, a woman owned business providing women with knowledge, empowerment and personal safety options, not only in dating, but for their own personal safety. And for the safety of their children still at home or shared with an ex-spouse or partner.

Today, Virgo Investigations is here to provide each of you the knowledge and empowerment you need for dating, relationships, your kid's safety and your own personal safety.

Please share our name with your girlfriend circle, your neighbors, co-workers - anyone you know who would benefit from our services. And while you're online, stop by our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, events, safety articles and just simple funnies.

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