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What did you do Saturday?

I went to the first women's self defense class of 2023 hosted by TnT Jujitsu, and spent a chunk of my morning laughing, learning and having a good time learning self defense techniques with a group of women and fun instructors.

And Local Foods Houston provided a delicious, health lunch afterwards.

The first time I signed up for a self defense class at TnT Jujitsu, I went in thinking, "what could I possibly learn...I've been taking cardio kickboxing for years...I'm tough, I got this." I'll tell you straight up - I learned real quick that I didn't know much of anything should danger walk up behind me and grab me, or stood beside me and grabbed my wrist, or walked straight towards me and grabbed me. I learned I could very possibly wind up a victim of statistics. After that class, I made sure I signed up for the next class several months later.

A few months ago I had a person get on an elevator with me, and his presence made my hair stand on end and put me on alert. As the door opened on at the basement level, he reached out and grabbed my wrist to drive home the various things he had been saying to me on the way to our stop. Because I was already on defense, I was able to break his grip, create distance and walk away (with a few choice words trailing behind me) - while leaving him to wonder what just happened.

A women's self defense class taught me how to do just that.

We had a small class of 6 women. Statistically speaking - one of us had already had a run in with a potential aggressor, and at least two more are likely to become involved in a similar situation, or worse.

I've been associated with this organization for approximately 20 years and have participated in a host of classes - ladies cardio kickboxing, teen martial arts and women's self defense classes. The dojo master and other black belts of the martial arts studio are committed to teaching self defense techniques to everyone - men, women, and children - you should peep on their website and see if there is a class that suits you.

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