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Dating Chronicles - Part Deux

**Details are accurate - names are changed, unless you're a real jerk

I married two Jerry's. I married a Greg and dated a few others. I lived with a Mark and dated another one. Unfortunately for the Jerry's, Mark's and Greg's in the world - you are an automatic swipe left (ie NO).

After a recent breakup, I swiped right on another name to add to that list of never ever again.

Mister tall, dark and handsome popped in as a match. He checked the boxes + actively worked out. Our conversation flowed, he shared his IG with me to show he didn't have anything to hide, shared his backstory regarding his injury received during an accident while in the Army, and he wasn't shy sharing his progress in the gym.

We moved the conversation from the app to text - and as dating coaches will state - without a first date in place before doing this, it is the death of the connection. After doing this a few times, I would agree with that thought process.

His first attempt at asking me out came after multiple texts during this day, then around 4:45pm, told me where he was going to be later than night, "if I wanted to meet him". Sorry no.

Fast forward a few days, he was being flirty, and I asked him when we were going to meet because texting only was losing the appeal. He attempted to turn the tables on me saying I was always busy...when he had only lobbed the offer of a "date" once before. I told him, "as of that moment" I was available the remainder of the week, and into the weekend. I stupidly thought that was a pretty big opening for him to latch onto and make plans. Nope. Nothing.

After a few more texts, my responses were getting slower and slower - why keep responding to someone who obviously has no intention of moving to the next square. Those people are energy vampires, taking my effort and energy that I can give someone who is interested in receiving and reciprocating that energy.

After not hearing from him for a few days I noticed he had unmatched. harm no foul. I didn't block him, and we're still following each other on IG.

Several lessons with this one - 43 is perhaps a tad too young, don't move from app to text without a date on the table first, and don't date someone with the same name as an ex.

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