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Dating Chronicles - The Doorman

As a general comment, I, and so many other women, truly wish men would be honest about their age, height, build and just themselves in general, and post recent photos.

THAT statement is a good indicator of how this match up starts - and ends.

Skipping ahead and assuming age, height, looks, basis profile info matched, our app texts were very smooth and there was a connection. I let him know I was extremely busy at the time with two new business startups and an upcoming business trip; he was appreciative of me being upfront about my schedule and was understanding. I mentioned a phone call a few times, neither time he embraced, which caused me to turn a little cool. But he stayed in touch. Definitely determined.

He texted a few times while I was on my trip, and checked on me when I got home. But again, not suggesting to meet or chat on the phone. I told him not meeting or chatting on the phone was a no-go for me and I was about to shut it down. And like that, he called, and we made a date for that same night.

His friend owned a martini bar, and that night, a cover band singer was scheduled, so it sounded like a fun night. He told me there was a cover charge, but he would take care of that; he was extremely gentlemanly and concerned about the location, my drive, my comfort going, etc. It looked like a potentially nice evening was ahead.

The bar opened at 9pm and we agreed to meet at that time. I arrived a tad early and watched a few deliveries and the signer finish moving things in - then texted him to let him know I was early. He told me he was already inside and I could come in. Hmmm..interesting, but okay. As soon as I walk in and look for the guy in the pictures, the guy at the table sitting next to the door popped up, with a big smile on his face.

A few things I noticed immediately - he did not look like his profile pictures, there was a RSVP sign on the table, and he was not 5'11. Nor was he a few extra pounds.

Alright. Not sure about this, but I'm fairly open minded, so let's see.

He quickly explained to me that he was doing his buddy (the owner) a solid and filling in for the regular door guy, even though he told his buddy he was going to be a date. Again...hmmm...okay. However, as quickly as he was to stop people coming in, didn't stumble over the door charge, the folded money, etc, etc, etc. it became obvious...HE IS THE REGULAR DOOR GUY! Nothing wrong with this - but JUST BE HONEST!

Overall - he has a great respect for women, he's gentlemanly, and an overall nice guy. He needs to be a bit more honest about himself and who he is, and what he's searching for. A few days later I sent a nice text to him telling him I didn't think it was going to work (talk to me and I can help with this too), and he very kindly gave my message a "heart".

It didn't work out with us, but I have no doubt he will find a women it will work out with.

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